Monday, May 2, 2011

Removing & Destroying Spirits!

I was travelling from Indonesia some time ago and was waiting for the ferry at the terminal.  A tap at the shoulder and turned around to look at this tall figure thrusting the name card at my face quite unceremoniously.    He was 6 feet tall, with long curly hair thrown backwards, dyed with abnormal black colour, sporting a thick black sunglass and with the ugly looking black polo T-shirt not hiding the protruding paunch and with a dramatic gold ring with a very big stone.

With a very friendly smile, he accepted my thanks for the name card with a slight bow of the head and continued enquiring, "any distress my friend, call me! I can help you!"

Until then I had not seen the name card still dangling between my fingers. I said I would and moved away to take a seat before my ferry could arrive in another 30 minutes.

I looked at the card, both front and back, tightly laced with text announcing unbelievable deeds. He could identify, remove and destroy spirits and had helped hundreds of businesses (a variety of them existed in quite a shady nature - as explained in the back of the card) and more importantly, helped lovers to gain their loved ones by eliminating the bad spirits set in between them by villainous parents or other persons.

I must confess that in my business of conferencing, I have come across thousands of name cards - a good number uniquely designed and a few boasting grand job titles, but I have never come across a name card such as this one in my entire life.

Look at the 'Personal Protection Against' part: Enemies, black magic, burglars, fights, frequent eccidents (yes, accidents!), quarrels - between husband & wife, Lovers etc. This last part of providing protection against quarrels with wife made me sweat and my palms were itchy to call him at once. Involuntarily I scanned through the crowd to locate him just to engage him a good natured conversation till my ferry arrived, but to my dismay, found him deeply advising another distraught traveller who seemed to be suffering from similar fate with vengeful spirits all through his life.

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