Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta

Sultan Palace, Yogyakarta

Visitor's hall

Functions Hall

Garuda Palanquin

A guard at the museum

Ratu Boko - Hindu Temple Archealogical site

The first view of Prambanan from Ratu Boko Hill

Trimurti Temple Complex, with the archeaological remains

Remains of hundreds of smaller temples

Shiva Temple

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Borobudur - A Dream in the Heavens

A View from the East Entrance

Alighting the First Five Levels

Sultry Beauties

Checking the Photos


Some Rest After the Collosal View

Striking a Pose

72 Stupas at the Sixth and Seventh Level

Another View

One Row of Stupas with Square Openings...

Revealed Buddha in One of the Stupas

The Central Stupa located on a Lotus Pedestal

Rows of Stupas Facing the Mountain Ranges

Timeless Architecture

View of Top Rows of Stupas

Another View

Under the Blue Sky and over 1200 years...

Waiting to Enter the Last Flight of Stairs

Dash of Colours


View Showing the Central Stupa and smaller stupikas

In the upper oval shaped path

It was unbelievably hot and yet...

Overseeing the mountain ranges over a millennia


One more view

Relishing the view

More views

Overseeing the Kedu Plain in Central Java

One of the most fertile lands in the region - situated within two rivers and Mt. Merapi

The Majestic Shape of the Stupikas

The timeless beauty

At right angles

Bas- Relief scultptures in Second Level Balustrade

In Deep Meditiation for more than 1200 years

Kala and Rare Animal Head Sculptures

Water Drainage System - Beautifully Carved

A Collage of Colours

Stories from Jataka Tales in the inner and outer Balustrades

A Majestic View


Buddha in One of the Six Postures - Vara Mudra

Dhyani Mudra

Relief Sculptures

One among the 504 Buddha Statues at the monument

Walking through the Kala - Relieving the Desires and Sins - Step into the final flight

Tired but can afford a smile...

Joins the Father

Part of the Story

One more view

Right Angled turns at every level decorated with bas reliefs

Indonesians, irrespective of their religious affiliation, rever the monument

Stunning work

Intricate Expressions

Wise men concurring

More relief sculptures

More panels

Some more

A sick man being tended

More sculptures

Loving every minute of it

going up

A scene from the Jataka Tale

Nothing Short of a Dream!

Performers in the Borobudur Gardens

Walking towards the Monument

The First View is Truly Stunning - Nothing you have imagined would be adequate...

A view from right angle

A street performer at the campus

At the UN Cultural Heritage Pillar

The Amazing View and the first few flights of stairs

The Contrasting Styles of India and China in ‘Colonizing’ Asian Countries

Thanks to Othisaivu Ramasamy's recent blog post, I found George Coedes’ monumental work, ‘The Indianized States of Southeast Asia. ...