Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Letter to My Daughter - 1

Dear Abhima,

Today, I want to write to you about how should you see "LIFE" - not in the biological sense, animals, plants etc, but to say as to how do we lead our lives.

Many poets, thinkers and philosophers have tried to describe how should one lead a life.

The regular questions, which come to our minds are:

1. Whether we should be success seeking?
2. Whether we should be rich and work towards it?
3. Whether we should lead a simple life?
4. Whether to concentrate and dedicate to service of humanity?

If you see around you, you can find people with different aspirations and ambitions in life. It is not possible to say which is right or which is wrong.

If say, one could easily say that people should lead their life in service to mankind and that is the right way, then everyone around us would have been doing that! Or, if we could say that everybody should work only to get more money and that is right, then, well, almost everyone around us would have been doing that.

No, it is not the case. LIFE has to be a balance of all these. It has to be a mixture of all these. One should work, have ambitions, keep studying, make money, relax, help others, service the society and have a commitment to the environment also.

Now, I feel that is a life well lived!

Having understood what makes a life meaningful, now you may ask how to achieve it. That is not difficult. What is difficult, though, is to understand how much relaxing, how much reading, how much money making and how much service is required to complete a meaningful life. And thats where people differ among each other.

You want to watch TV? Yes, you want to relax. How long?
You want to study? Yes, you want to improve your knowledge. How far?
You want to work? Yes, you want to make money. How much?

That is where Abhi, you should be clear. Because, if somebody misses this understanding on the balance of money, recreation and knowledge seeking, they would be working while they were to relax and studying while servicing people. This misunderstanding confuses our priorities and spoils all our relationships, which are very vital in having a pleasant stay on this earth.

Setting your priorities in life is important. Work while you work, play while you play, maintain relationships when you must and make money when are supposed to. All these are important. Money, knowledge, relationships and Moral values - all shape ones life and destiny. You are considered successful in life only when you have all of them. When you have only a few and in the process missed out others - your life will be deemed incomplete.

So, strive hard to equip yourself, gain more knowledge, be wealthy, help others and in the process - keep your relationships!

I hope you will appreciate this.

Please do write your opinions, doubts and differences in a long mail to Appa.

With love,

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