Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First Day at School

s I walked into the sunlit room
Which was filled with strangers all around
Sitting in rows and columns with teacher standing
With a book and marker in her hand.

The Classroom was pink in colour and chairs blue;
With all tables with books.
She introduced me to the class with a smiling face
I was late for an hour but relieved that no class was there

I was very curious and excited to know the students’ names
Which was of no luck;
The students were all seeing me with smiling faces
Some asked my name, but never told theirs

Classes went fast with strange teachers
Who gave so much work to do.
I can see happy faces and sad faces
Who are missing their holidays at home.

At last bell rang at 2.30 pm and
There my father was, waving his hand at me.




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Dileep said...

Hmm.. lovely one..Happy Divali to you and Family :)


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