Friday, February 15, 2008

As You Are!


The steely resolve wrapped in those thin lips
The unhurting courage hid under the smile
Romanticism perfected through searching eyes
Search for truth ridden in nectory voice....

You may be unsung now.
You are born to win;
bred to conquire

Be as you are;
Thats how you could be.

Angum Ingum Paadhai Undu (You are on Crossroads)

Dear Love,

How are things there?

Eyes and ears have taken over from other senses;

Seeing and hearing you precedes
over other ways of realizing you;

Mails and chats are losing importance;
they carry less of you.

Not able to foresee the future -
when sense and touch will overtake eyes and ears

A picture painted with all senses
cherished through years,
over and over
in days and nights
in conscience and dreams
in joy and sorrow
in life and death

will be there for us.

Jing'an Temple, Shanghai

And oh, the Jing'an Temple! As per the piece of history printed in their ticket, the shrine was first built in 247 AD in the Wu Kin...