Monday, May 14, 2007

Paruthi Veeran

The film did not have a 'theme extrordinaire'. The canvas is not new. End is gory. Songs, though with regional fervour, are long and at times, poke at you.

But what is not missed in Ameer's third film, is the realism. Karthik, the debutant hero, has emoted well and has a face which has an ability to show a repertoire of classic expressions. Dubbing often reminds Sivakumar's famous mellifluous voice. Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score is more apt than in the songs, but the songs nevertheless are fine melodies and folk music in Tamil film music, at its best. The movie has a capricious blend of folklore, folk music and folk dance, though at times, is bit lengthy. Very realistic performances and apt casting helps the film to thrive on these elements.

Tone of the cinematography is bit harsh throughout but angles and movements are jerkless and conveys the required mood, partly due to editing. As for the cast, Saravanan, as the paternal uncle of the Hero, steals the heart. Ponvannan's stereotypic remarks could have been remodelled. All supportive staff are good in their performances.

And Priyamani....
A modern belle, only captioned sofar in rustic urban roles, stuns one by her performance. Her looks, dresses, walk, head tilted stare and that thick, not-so-feminine voice - all add to the character's worthiness. Though well shaped by Ameer, Priyamani steals the show throughout the movie. Her guts in be it, receiving blows from her father and continuing to eat with tears flowing eyes, countering paruththiveeran or at the climax, where she falls prey to a bunch of thugs, and the portrayal is commendable.

Then, why should a film with a anti-hero subject should end with a penalizing climax? That too why should an unquenchable here be punished with his lady being humiliated? Why is this slightly perverted justificastion? (which reminds Virumaandi and few other cliche Tamil films)
Apart from this stigma, I feel this is one film which made the characters lively with good technical contributions. Ameer has given a movie which will linger in our minds for long.

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